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Welcome to the Video Game Homebrew Wiki!

The intention of this wiki is to document the incredible work that goes into programming and manufacturing homebrew video games as well as maintaining a solid place where gamers and collectors can find all the info they need.

While we respect all homebrew efforts, this wiki is intended to showcase only games that have been manufactured on physical media and sold as such. This might be something we will change in the future but for now it's just too much work.

Games Databases

Atari2600logomain.png Atari5200logomain.png Atari7800logomain.png Atarijaguarlogomain.png Atarilynxlogomain.png

Colecovisionlogomain.png Intellivisionlogomain.png Odyssey2logomain.png Gbalogomain.png Neslogomain.png

Sneslogo.png Virtualboylogomain.png Cdilogomain.png Segacdlogomain.png Dclogomain.png

Genesislogomain.png Neogeologomain.png Playstationlogomain.png Tg16logomain.png Vectrexlogomain.png

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